Troy-Bilt® Cultivators

Troy-Bilt has several cultivators to help you maintain a variety of smaller garden sizes and types.  Their smaller size makes them easy to maneuver between rows of plants and come with a variety of engine options.

Find the right cultivator for your garden

How To Choose a Cultivator

There are several factors that will help you decide which cultivator best meets your needs.

Cultivators are smaller, more agile versions of traditional tillers.  Their small size makes it easier to maneuver between plants or tight rows of vegetables.  They are designed to turn loose, previously-tilled soil and can even chew up pesky weeds and other small growth.  They are ideal for areas up to 1,500 square feet.
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Electric or Gas Cultivator?

Troy-Bilt cultivators come in 2-cycle, 4-cycle and electric options. Electric cultivators eliminate fumes from gas emissions while 2-cycle gas cultivators offer the power of a gas engine, but require mixing oil and gas as fuel. 4-cycle cultivators eliminate the need to mix oil and gas, are more efficient and deliver more power for cultivating larger beds.
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Cultivators come in electric, 2-cycle and 4-cycle options.

Garden Size

Garden cultivators are designed to till and aerate soil in gardens that are 1,500 square feet in size or less. Their small size makes it easy to work between rows of vegetation or individual plants. For maintaining larger beds, see our full line of garden tillers.
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Cultivators are best suited for small or compact gardens.