It's easier to shop for a snow thrower when you know the differences between single- and two-stage units.  Each kind is designed to clear different amounts of snow from different sizes of driveways.  Generally, single-stages are best for light snow and small driveways, while two-stages are best for heavier snow and larger driveways.

Single-Stage Snow Throwers

These snow throwers take in snow and throw it out of the chute in one action.  The auger acts like a paddle, which pulls snow into the unit and propels it out of the chute.

Best for:

  • Light, powdery snowfalls

  • Clearing smaller areas

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Two-Stage Snow Throwers

These larger snow throwers work in two stages.  First, the auger uses its serrated blades to break up snow and ice as it pulls them in.  Then the impeller launches snow up and out of the chute.

Best for:

  • Larger, heavier snowfalls

  • Clearing larger areas

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Watch the single-stage vs. two-stage video

Models and pricing may vary per store.  Check with your local Lowe's store for availability and pricing.