5 Tips on Winter Plant Protection

With harsh winds, frigid temperatures, and heavy ice and snowfall, winter can take a toll on your outdoor plants.

However, with the right materials and tools, you can help protect plants that are susceptible to damage in extreme weather conditions.

Consider these tips on winter plant protection and keep them healthy in the thick of winter.

1. Prevent breakage. Ice and heavy snow on tree branches and fragile plants can result in breakage, severe damage and can even ruin them altogether. You can help prevent this by tying several smaller branches together to help create a stronger base.

2. Create a barrier. If heavy snowfall is anticipated, be sure to screen sensitive plants with snow fencing or burlap to help reduce damage. Building a barrier around smaller shrubs and plants will also reduce the risk of breakage and chemicals used to break down ice.

3. Insulate. If you garden year-round, keeping your plants alive in the winter can be tricky with frost and fluctuations in temperature. Keep you plants warm by using cloches or cold frames, which also serve as great shields from inclement weather.

4. Shelter container plants. Intense wind can easily blow over container plants, so make sure you designate an area in your garage or shed - or possibly your house - of where you can store plants at these times.

5. Know which plants need winter protection. Keep in mind not all outdoor plants need protection. Make sure you're educated on the type of care your plants need, if at all.