Different Ways to Use a Trimmer This Summer

With so many outdoor projects to complete during the summer, having a versatile tool in your shed is a necessity. Troy-Bilt gives you this option with its TrimmerPlus® attachments that transform attachment-capable string trimmers into a variety of tools, like a hedge trimmer, edger and broom, to help make your projects a bit more manageable.

Consider these different ways you can use a string trimmer this summer with TrimmerPlus attachments to finish your favorite backyard tasks.

  • Remove leaves: Clear your patio, driveway and sidewalks of debris with the CB720 TrimmerPlus Add-On High Performance Blower. When using this attachment, you can easily maneuver over and around obstacles, allowing you to remove unwanted leaves and light dirt from your yard.
  • Edge: Deliver an instant makeover to your yard with the LE720 TrimmerPlus Add-On Lawn Edger to edge your drive, walkways and flower beds for a clean, crisp look.
  • Control weeds: Handle overgrown weeds and brush with the BC720 TrimmerPlus Add-On Brushcutter. You can also use the brushcutter to trim beneath shrubs and low branches.
  • Cultivate: Maintain your existing garden or flower bed with the GC720 TrimmerPlus Add-On Cultivator. This attachment can also be used to turn soil at the end of the gardening season.
  • Trim: Summer storms and intense winds can leave you with damaged trees and hedges throughout your yard. The PS720 TrimmerPlus Add-On Pole Saw allows you to prune and trim broken tree limbs or branches, helping to remove unwanted and dangerous debris.