How do you Recycle or Replant Holiday Trees?

Putting up your holiday tree can be fun and exciting, but taking it down is usually not as rewarding or easy.

Instead of throwing your tree into the garbage, there are some simple ways you can recycle it. Or you're one who hates to get rid of your tree at the end of the season, here are a few tips for replanting your tree.

Just make sure to take all your decorations off, first!



How to Recycle Pine Trees

  • Make mulch: Cut your tree into smaller pieces and send them through the chipper to create mulch for spring. Try a chipper shredder, which can easily turn sticks and twigs into mulch. Don't have a chipper? Many cities have programs to rent them out to citizens.
  • Give a home to fish: Would you ever think a tree belongs underwater? Believe it or not, smaller pieces can actually create a sanctuary for fish in a pond or lake. Just be sure to check with your local department of natural resources first.
  • Give a home to the birds: Even if your tree has died during the holiday season, it can still serve as a shelter for birds. Prop your tree in the backyard and watch as the birds come. You can also add berries and birdseed to make it more enticing.
  • Get crafty: Use the branches to make winter wreaths or centerpieces. It's a great way to be creative.
  • Find a local recycling center: Many cities and organizations offer free or reduced tree recycling services after the holidays. Some will even pick up the tree for you. Check with your city.
  • Use it for firewood: Cut your tree into pieces, and let the wood dry out. You'll have some extra firewood to get your through winter.
  • Replant it: Purchase a container tree instead of a cut one and replant it in your yard after the holidays. Here's more tips on how to replant your holiday tree.

How to Replant Holiday Trees

  • If you live in a colder climate, make sure to dig the hole for your tree before the ground freezes and make the hole twice as big as the root ball will be.
  • When you're ready to purchase your tree, make sure to buy a ball and burlap or container tree.  Make sure to purchase your tree as close to the holidays as possible because most trees last longer if they are planted soon after purchase.
  • After you bring the tree home, let it acclimate to the warmer temperature in your house by keeping it in a garage or a shed for a few days, then move it inside for decorating.
  • Once the holidays are over, let the tree acclimate to the cooler air in the garage or shed for a few days.
  • Pick a mild day to replant your tree by placing it into the hole, removing the burlap or container, and then back filling with the excavated soil.  Also make sure to water deeply and mulch heavily.