Meet FLEX™

What if your lawn mower was also a pressure washer and a leaf blower and a snow thrower? Think of the extra space you'd have in your garage. And the peace of mind you'd have knowing you'd only have one engine to maintain.

With Troy-Bilt's introduction of FLEXTM- a first-of-its-kind, customizable outdoor power system that is tailored to fit your individual yard care needs - you now have a whole new way to buy and use outdoor power equipment. The FLEX system is a power base that accepts multiple attachments, so you have one piece of equipment to tackle all your outdoor chores year-round.

FLEX powers four different attachments including the FLEX Wide-Area Mower, the FLEX Leaf Blower, the FLEX Snow Thrower and the FLEX Pressure Washer. Future attachments planned include a water pump, log splitter and chipper shredder in 2016, with more FLEX attachments to follow in subsequent years. The attachments are sold separately so you can select the attachments you need, when you need them.

FLEX allows you to save money and up to 60% of garage storage space when compared to the purchase of individual, one-use products. Plus, there's only one engine to maintain for all outdoor power equipment needs. Using the FLEX system is simple. The self-propelled power base can be rolled up to the attachment you want to use and then easily clicks into place. To switch attachments, stop the engine and use the kickstand to disengage the attachment. A storage rack is sold separately for simple and neat organization.

The power base retails for $399 and attachments range from $279 to $499 to meet your individual needs - and budget. A 4-year limited warranty is standard on the power base and a 2-year limited warranty is standard on the attachments.

FLEX can be purchased at Lowe's®, or For more information about FLEX, visit