How to Build a Bamboo Trell

If you're looking for an attractive, natural support for flowering vines and climbers, why not build your own bamboo trellis? Bamboo is a wonderful choice for the garden - it's lightweight, flexible, incredibly sturdy and best of all, it's an earth-friendly, renewable resource.

Follow these simple instructions on how to build a bamboo trellis and you'll have a charming 7ˈx3ˈ trellis that's durable enough to last for years.

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Purchase four 2" diameter bamboo poles 9 or 10 ft. long, and seven 1" diameter poles 6 ft. in length. You'll also need a hand saw, tape measure, pencil and galvanized wire to bind the poles together.

Trim the Bamboo

Using the hand saw, cut each of the 2" poles to just above the first node where the bamboo is solid. These are your vertical pieces, so having a solid top is necessary to keep rainwater out and prevent rot. Now, measure and mark a spot 8 ft. down from each top, and trim all the canes to the same length. Finally, cut the 1" poles in half to create 14 3 ft. canes. These are your horizontal pieces, so there's no need to cut them back to solid material.

Arrange and Assemble Your Trellis

On any flat surface where you have ample room to work:

  • Lay out the vertical canes 8" apart, with the solid tops all at one end.
  • Starting 3" down from the solid ends, center the horizontal canes on top of the vertical ones. Arrange them in sets of two canes spaced 4" apart, leaving 6" between each set.
  • When all the canes are laid out, you should have a decorative 2" overlap down each side and 15" of bare bamboo at the bottom to sink into the ground.
  • Carefully mark each intersecting point with the pencil as a guide for securing the canes.
  • At each mark, wrap the galvanized wire around both canes three times, then twist the wire ends to secure them together.

After it's assembled, install the bamboo trellis in your garden, plant your chosen climbers at the base and enjoy!