How to Grow Hops and Malts for Brewing

Two of the most necessary herbs for brewing a delicate, delightful tasting beer are hops and malts. Growing herbs for brewing in the garden is a surefire way to assure you always have some on hand for brewing a refreshing beer anytime you desire.

If you are wondering how to grow hops and malts for brewing, simply follow this guide to help get you started.

How to Grow Hops

1. Visit your local garden shop or landscaping store and purchase hop rhizomes. The rhizome pieces are what new hop plants sprout from.

2. Next, go home and plant the hop rhizomes in well-drained soil that receives up to 8 hours of sunlight per day. Since hops are climbing vines that grow and stretch almost 25 feet tall, place a trellis or trellises behind the hops as soon as the herbs start growing.

3. Water and fertilize the growing herb daily until ready to harvest. Harvest usually occurs within late summer to early autumn, but you may be lucky enough to get multiple crops depending on how fast the herb grows.

4. Harvest the herbs once ready and use them for making your homemade beer.

How to Grow Malts

1. Pick up certified barley malt seeds from your local garden shop.

2. Plant the seeds in late fall within a garden box that contains well drained soil.

3. Sow seeds in rows, but make sure you have 25 seeds per square foot of garden box.

4. After, cover the seeds and wait for spring. You may even want to lay some straw over the garden box to protect the seedlings. Uncover the box gently in the spring time.

5. As soon as the seedlings sprout and the soil becomes dry, water and fertilize the seedlings daily, or when necessary.

6. By late summer or early autumn, the malt will be ready for harvesting. Depending on how healthy the malt grows, you may get multiple crops from it.

7. Harvest the herbs and use them for making your brew.