How To Change the Belt on the FLEX™ Power Base

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This state-of-the-art power base is a 208cc OHV, all-season 4-cycle engine. The rugged Latch 'n Lock' system has endured the Troy-Bilt® test of quality, with hundreds of hours of accelerated use - and is fully integrated with a self-propelled transmission for easy operation.

It is recommended to inspect the drive belt often before each season and replace it as needed, especially if the belt is showing signs of cracking or worn areas. When the belt is ready to be replaced, make sure that the engine is upright and level.


Step 1:

First, remove the safety key.

Step 2:

Carefully, disconnect the spark plug wire keeping the wire away from the spark plug.

Step 3:

Remove the engine cover using the phillips head screwdriver.

Step 4:

Then, using a 3/8" wrench, remove the four screws that secure the front cover to the frame. Lower the front cover to gain access to the safety switch.

Step 5:

Disconnect the safety switch and remove the front cover. Loosen the nuts that secure the upper belt guides enough so that the belt can slip between the guides and the pulley.

Step 6:

Remove the outer transmission pulley half.

Step 7:

Next, hold the the pulley half with a 1" wrench and remove the pulley screw, using a second 1/2" wrench. Slide the pulley half off of the transmission input shaft.

Step 8:

Carefully, remove the drive belt.

Step 9:

To install a new drive belt, slip the belt over the engine pulley and set it on the inner transmission pulley half. Replace the belt with the genuine part made specifically for the FLEX Power Base.

Step 10:

Re-install the transmission pulley half. Reposition the upper belt guides and securely re-install the nuts.

Step 11:

Now, place the top engine cover using the phillips head screw driver. Carefully reposition all chords and wires under the engine top properly. Install the front cover securing the four bolts to the side of the frame.

Step 12:

Reconnect the spark plug and turn the engine on to ensure proper starting.

Step 13:

Re-install the safety key.

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