How to Prep Your Lawn for Winter

Winter will be knocking at your door, with all that the season brings - freezing ice, bitter temperatures and intense winds, to name a few. And while it may be hard to accept that your days outside in the yard are limited, it's important to start preparing your lawn and garden for winter now so they can handle the harsh conditions to come.

Here are some ways to winterize your yard before fall officially ends to ensure a healthy, ready-to-go lawn and garden come spring.

  • Protect plants. Keep frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall from damaging plants by adding a blanket of mulch to flower beds. This will help soil retain moisture and serve as a buffer between extreme temperatures and rooted plants. To prevent soil compaction and exposure to chemicals from snow plows and salt, outline beds and other landscaped areas with reflector stakes.
  • Compost. You can't really put your green thumb to work during the winter, but you can still create nutrient-rich soil by maintaining your compost pile. Remember though; don't turn the pile as frequently as you would during warmer months to help it maintain heat needed for decomposition.
  • Get rid of lawn debris. Failing to remove fallen leaves from your yard can compact soil and lead to matted grass. Easily clear your lawn of leaves and debris with a leaf blower like the FLEX' leaf blower, which produces an air speed of up to 150 mph. FLEX consists of one engine that accepts multiple attachments - including a wide-area mower, pressure washer and snow thrower - perfect for year-round yard maintenance.
  • Prune. When plants reach the end of their growing season, prune branches to help encourage new growth in the spring, and also prevent damage from winter weather. Make sure you also inspect plants and shrubs for any damage or broken limbs, and remove as needed.
  • Tune up equipment. Clean and store all yard equipment in a secure, dry environment through the winter to help ensure they are in mint condition and function properly. You should also address any needed repairs or replacements so you'll be ready when spring arrives.