Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Yard This Summer

If you want to take full advantage of the outdoors this summer, look no further than your own backyard. Soak up every moment of fun in the sun with these four ideas to help you enjoy your yard this summer.

Backyard Movie Night

While the setup can be a bit lengthy, an outdoor movie night is a fun and relatively simple way to entertain anyone from kids to coworkers. All you need is a projector, speaker, some blankets and an inflatable screen (even a white sheet can work) to have all the magic of the drive-in theatre right in your backyard.

Outdoor Games

Games aren't just for kids. Embrace your inner child this summer with some fun outdoor games for adults. Try new games like Giant Jenga® and Spikeball® or stick with classics like French Darts and cornhole to add a little friendly competition to any backyard get together. Looking to save money? Don't buy a new game ' DIY.

Dine Outdoors

It's only fitting that the fresh fruits and veggies you nurtured in your garden be enjoyed under the sun. Whip up a fresh salad appetizer or serve fruit with dessert ' the important thing is that you and your family take the plates outside this summer.

Light up the Night

Summer fun doesn't stop when the sun sets, so brighten your backyard with a lighting project. Revamping your outdoor space can be as simple as stringing up some fairy lights, and for the more ambitious DIYer, consider installing landscape lighting yourself. Show off your brilliant backyard by inviting friends and neighbors over for a late night barbeque or bonfire.