A riding mower like no other – the TB30 E A lithium-ion battery-powered mower? Covered.

When you hear lithium-ion battery, what comes to mind? Maybe how they're used in products like cell phones, laptops, cameras or clocks. But while lithium-ion batteries have been traditionally known for use in smaller products, imagine a completely different application ' like a riding mower ' the TB30E

This lithium-ion, battery-powered rider is hassle free with reduced maintenance and operating costs, an eco-friendly operating system and quieter operation than traditional gas-powered mowers. The rider's compact design and 18-inch turning radius can maneuver through tight lawn spaces, even 3-foot gates; and the rider requires minimal storage space'ideal for those with smaller garages. And with cutting power of up to 1 hour, the rider is a great option for yards of one acre or less. 

With benefits like no power fade, quick charging times and low maintenance, the TB30 E provides a unique mowing experience.

Here are some of its other benefits:

Quiet operation

Gas engines are generally twice as loud as electric, which could disturb neighbors if you want to mow early in the morning. However, with a battery-powered rider, you can mow anytime during the day without worry. Battery-powered outdoor power equipment reduces noise pollution, as well as air pollution. (Imagine if everyone in your neighborhood used nearly whisper-quiet, battery-operated lawn mowers.)

Reduced maintenance

Since the TB30 E is battery-powered, there is no need for gas and engine maintenance with its clean electric system. This cuts back on maintenance immensely, as users no longer need to drain gas, add fuel stabilizer or worry about spark plug maintenance. However, the mower will still need some maintenance to keep it in good working condition. It must be cleaned with a brush or compressed air to remove dirt buildup from the engine. 

Flexible charging capabilities

The TB30 E rider's lithium-ion battery gives users a fast charge by reducing typical overnight charges down to just 4 hours. With a shorter charge time, you can be more flexible with your time spent mowing.  You can also cut on a partial charge and recharge anytime without the battery losing any power quality.

No power fades

Imagine mowing your lawn and halfway through the job and your mower starts to slow as it loses battery power and eventually stops completely. Lithium-ion batteries eliminate power fade and will operate at full capacity until the battery is depleted, like the battery in your cell phone.