Succulent Plant Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be difficult - especially during the holidays. This year, opt for something unique, yet functional, like a succulent plant. Not only do succulents add flare to any room, they can be housed in just about any type of container. Aside from that, they are also low maintenance; they only require watering once a week and can thrive in a variety of sunlight levels.

From the bookworm to the tea lover on your list, here are some succulent plant DIY gift ideas to help the gift-giving get started.

Bookworm Gift Idea

Since succulents can be grown in various environments and materials, recycle items like old books to house plants for someone who loves to read. To perfect this gift, use a utility knife to carve out a home for the plant within the pages. Fill the hole with soil and the plant of your choice.

Tea Lover Gift Idea

For your loose-leaf tea lovers, plant succulents in a festive holiday mug or decorate a teacup for a unique look. Add some personalization by using a tea bag for a label to add the year or holiday greeting.

Vintage Enthusiast Gift Idea

For the friend or family member who loves all things old and rustic, this succulent plant gift idea is sure to find a prized place in their collection. Bird cages or Mason jars make the perfect pots for succulent plants, and depending on the size, can be filled with multiple plants.

Bird Watcher Gift Ideas

Using a hanging or standing bird bath as a planter is a great option for the avid bird watcher on your list. This option also gives you the chance to fill the bird bath with several different types of succulents - get creative with colors and shapes.

When it comes to entertaining guests this holiday season, you can also decorate your table or mantel with creative succulent ideas. Use a large fish bowl to create a winter wonderland terrarium or use small succulents to label tables. You can even send guests home with succulent plant party favors.

The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®
December 2016