Shed Organization Tips

It's not uncommon for holiday décor and other seasonal items to pile up and find their way to the shed over time, often leading to a disorganized mess. A cluttered shed not only makes it difficult to find things when needed, but can cause you to neglect proper storage conditions for your outdoor power equipment. This can also create a hazardous environment, increasing the chances of running into, tripping over or knocking down objects.
Whether you're storing one or a dozen pieces of equipment in the company of miscellaneous items, consider these shed organization tips to help you minimize mess and optimize space.

Assign storage areas

A common contributor to a messy shed is not having designated areas for your items. Group like-items together since you're likely to need them at the same time. For example, place all gardening equipment - like tillers, trowels and shovels - in one area, and place winter products - like snow throwers and salt - in another. This will make your shed more accessible for the items you need, when you need them.

Rearrange seasonally

Moving large pieces of equipment in and out of the shed is not an easy task, especially if it's a piece of equipment you use regularly. To help keep your shed functional, place equipment for the current season towards the front of the shed; non-seasonal tools towards the back. At the end of each season, rearrange your shed as needed. This is also an appropriate time to tune up equipment and clear out any debris that may have tracked in from use.

Store vertically

Sheds can become cramped very quickly; if you're running short on space, think vertically. Install shelving or pegboards to get items off the floor or clear the table you have been piling them on. A garden hose, for example, can be hung on a hook on the wall of your shed to keep the hose off the floor and untangled. These vertical storage options are also a straightforward way to group your equipment together, while utilizing every aspect of the shed.
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April 2017