This Year’s Leaf Removal Necessities

Along with the leaves changing colors comes the shifting tide of outdoor chores - meaning leaf removal is on the horizon. Whether your yard is home to one tree or 50, the importance of leaf removal is the same. Fallen leaves can suffocate your lawn and block the necessary light and air required for growth. Leaf removal also prevents fungus, mold and brown patches the following spring.

There are many ways to remove leaves from your yard, but leaf blowers are the most efficient and effective tools for fall yard cleanup. Depending on the size of your lawn, personal preference and product features, there are a variety of blowers to choose from for your leaf removal needs.

Gasless Blowers

The Troy-Bilt® powered by CORE' TB4300 Handheld Blower is a cordless, battery-operated blower that produces efficient power so you can tackle the toughest of cleanup tasks. CORE features varying speeds that enable you to manage the power applied to the task, including the boost mode feature that is strong enough to remove wet, damp leaves. The onboard Power Output Display also communicates how hard the motor is working so you can gauge how much power is available to keep working without interruption. When the display illuminates red, the motor is under maximum load; if it illuminates green or blue, it is pulling less energy. The longer the motor works under maximum load, the shorter the working time.

The battery lasts on average 4 hours and is simple and fast to recharge.

2-Cycle Blowers

The TB2MB Jet® Gas Leaf Blower consists of a mixed-flow fan design that produces an industry-leading 650 cfm volume of air, covering larger cleanup areas in less time. While powerful, Jet still creates a smooth, controllable cleanup experience and is most suitable for small- to medium-sized lawns. It also features an airflow cruise control setting that eliminates keeping a constant hold on the throttle.

Walk-Behind Blowers

The FLEX' Leaf Blower is a component of the FLEX lawn care system, which consists of one engine that accepts different lawn care attachments. The FLEX Leaf Blower is an aggressive, wheeled leaf blower that is stacked with the power to conquer any leaf cleanup task. It can produce up to 1,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) and an air speed of 150 mph, making it an ideal blower for large cleanup tasks. Maneuvering FLEX is easy ' airflow speed and power can be adjusted by controls stationed on the handlebars, giving you the freedom to stop and start the airflow without any delay or hassle. You can also adjust the direction of airflow from the front or side of the blower.

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September 2016