Holiday Curb Appeal Tips

Come each holiday season, it becomes the norm to find homes dressed in seasonal colors, lights and décor. And while countless hours are spent outfitting the interior of the home, many find themselves struggling to determine how to decorate the outside in an interesting, eye-catching way.
Decorating the exterior of your home will not only create attention from holiday guests, it will also help add dimension and angles to your yard during a time of year when it can look flat due to weather and uninspired decoration schemes.
Rather than opting for the usual single string of lights and traditional front door wreath this season, consider these holiday curb appeal tips and ideas for a visually dynamic outdoor wonderland.


Keep the yard free of debris

Though autumn will be reaching its end at the start of the holidays, some cleanup will still be needed to keep the yard looking clean and welcoming. Rake the front lawn to clear out dead leaves, cut the grass one final time, trim the hedges and winterize your plants. If left untouched, your lawn can quickly become an eyesore and even lead to other long-term damage - like soil compaction, lawn and plant disease, and pest invasion. 

Add color

Color can have a dramatic effect on your home's curb appeal, especially during the dreary winter months. Plants suited for colder temperatures are a perfect way to brighten up your lawn. Camellia and winter jasmine, along with deciduous shrubs like boxwoods, junipers and the traditional holly bush can provide a bright contrast to a snow-laden landscape. Pops of color can create depth and highlight existing angles within your landscape, which can make the yard look bigger than it truly is.

Optimize space with lights

Add lights to more than just the house's façade. String trees with lights, bushes with net lights and front porch pillars with garland. A variety of focal points will draw guests' eyes across your entire landscape instead of just one spot, and can also give it more dimension and create unexpected angles throughout the yard. Hot glue is a safe way to secure lights in unusual places as it's easy to remove at the end of the season. For bulb or globe string lights, carefully apply glue to the light socket and hold in place until it bonds. When hanging string, rope or LED lights, apply glue to light clips and hold in place until they bond. 

Repurpose everyday décor

Putting your non-holiday home decorations in the attic for the season isn't always necessary; all things old can be made new again. Transform your everyday outdoor decor into holiday themed pieces. Fill porch lanterns with festive ornaments sprinkled with evergreen clippings and tie with a bow. You can also revamp old welcome mats by spray painting them with bold seasonal colors like silver and gold. Unique, original decorations provide an opportunity to display personal creativity and will make your lawn stand out amongst the neighbors'. Get creative with existing around-the-house items to cut down on your already too-long shopping list.