Fall Lawn Care Hacks

After a season of summer BBQs and pool parties, your lawn may need a makeover. Fall is an ideal time to help restore your yard to a healthy, functional state and spruce it up with some new additions.
However, this can entail a long checklist of outdoor tasks, making it challenging to complete everything on your agenda because you're simply short on time.
Whether the task be small or large, consider using these lawn care hacks to complete all your yard projects this fall.

  • DIY Pumpkin Patch. After decorating your porch with festive fall pumpkins, save your seeds and scatter them in an area of your yard that receives good sunlight. Pumpkins require very little maintenance, and with the warm soil that summer's end provides, you will be surprised by your very own pumpkin patch come harvest time next year.
  • Pest Control. Instead of using harmful pesticides, repel critters with coffee grounds or citrus peels in your garden. Coffee grounds and citrus peels are a natural repellant for pests because of their odor and acidity. You can also consider a vinegar mixture to keep both pests and weeds away. Not only is this hack environmentally friendly, it's also a safe alternative for those with pets.
  • Low-Maintenance Watering. Use a large safety pin to poke multiple holes in an older hose for your own DIY drip irrigation system. You can place the hose throughout your lawn or garden as needed; making sure to avoid placing the hose near or around walkways to prevent tripping. Consider running the hose before leaving for work, because evening watering can lead to unwanted mold and fungus in the lawn.
  • Weed Control. Killing weeds before winter is essential for a healthy lawn in the spring. Rather than manually pulling weeds, lay old newspaper on top of your garden beds or areas of your yard where weeds reside. While this technique does suffocate weeds to deter them from growing, it still allows water to reach beneath the soil. The newspapers will also naturally break down and add nutrients to the soil. For an option with more curb appeal, you can cover the newspaper with additional mulch or topsoil.

The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®
October 2016