Different Methods for Leaf Cleanup

Leaves are certainly pretty on trees and can create a beautiful blanket on the ground. But when it comes time to clean up those fallen leaves, you need to access your efficient self. In doing so, you may ask yourself this question: in terms of time and effort, what is the best way to clean up leaves?

Methods To Consider

The reliable rake: Without needing gas, electricity, or expensive equipment, raking leaves simply requires good old fashioned elbow grease. Find the largest one you can handle to lessen the effort, and search for 'no-clog' rakes that do not pierce leaves. This translates into less time clearing the tines, also called prongs. It is also an environmentally'friendly option.
The leaf blower: If raking is hard on your back, consider a leaf blower. You can move the leaves into a central location without needing to bend over. They are particularly useful for leaves stuck in flower beds or in less accessible corners of your yard. Smaller units help reduce the noise that may affect your neighbors.
The mulching mower: Modern mulching mowers will cut your grass and leaves with the option of attaching a bag to collect the clippings, or else you can leave them on your lawn to restore nutrients.
The multi-purpose tarp: If you have a tarp, did you know you can use it instead of bagging your leaves?  Rake the leaves on your tarp and drag the leaves to your curb for leaf pickup, or you can move them into an unused area of your property.
Go compost crazy: By starting or adding to a compost pile, you can recycle your leaves without needing to bag them. Remember that you will need to add other matter, such as your grass clippings or vegetable scraps, to help the organic materials to break down.
Dealing with leaves does not need to be difficult task. By using one or more of the strategies above, you can have a beautiful yard with minimal effort.