Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Adding lighting enhancements to your yard can instantly transform it and give your outdoors a whole new look and feel after the sun goes down. Whether you're planning a backyard party or are just looking for innovative ideas for your outdoor entertainment area, here is a list of five creative backyard lighting ideas to suit your style and set the scene for a great summer of outdoor entertaining.

Path Lights

Torches, traditional path markers and even bag-style lanterns are a great way to add subtle motion to your outdoor space. Create direction by marking paths with lighting to and from the house, driveway, poolside or other key areas. And of course, you can use these to add a comfortable glow to virtually any area outdoors.

Rustic Charm

Mason jars and votive candles are a great way to provide low-budget outdoor lighting for your patio party. Add color by tinting your jars or wrapping them with tissue paper. Change the intensity of light (and avoid fire risks) by including battery- or solar-powered strings of LED lights to get a fuller sparkle effect.

Festive Themes

Those lights you put up for the winter holidays can come in handy if you plan ahead. Programmable lights allow you to use a patriotic theme at other times of the year, and music-syncing light sets can add fun to your summer block parties.

Ocean Getaway

Delicately scattering some sand and a selection of larger seashells around your patio or deck can bring a seaside feel to your backyard no matter where you live. Use a selection of candles or cleverly placed LED fairy lights to add a warm glow to your shells, evoking a bonfire feel.

Light-Inspired Games

Use glow sticks and bracelets or necklaces to create an after-dark ring toss ' bonus points for setting the whole thing up in a kiddie pool where the refraction of light in the water puts on a show even for those who aren't playing.
Always use caution when setting the scene outdoors with candle light, or using floating light arrangements where curious children might gather. Enjoy your season in the glow of your outdoor lighting arrangements.