Curbing Crabgrass

Itʼs that time of year again ' the weather is getting hot and your lawn may be looking a little thin on grass. This combination can create the perfect environment for crabgrass, the bright green weed that tends to spread across your yard every summer as it thrives in hot and dry environments.

The good news, though, is that crabgrass is both treatable and preventable. With some proper planning and the right knowledge, you can keep your lawn weed-free this summer with these three tips to prevent and kill crabgrass:

Water less frequently and for a longer period of time

Water is one of your most effective weapons against crabgrass. However, itʼs not enough to just water your lawn; you have to water it correctly.

To get rid of crabgrass for good, you need a full, healthy lawn that has deep roots. If your grass has deep roots, there wonʼt be any room near the top of the soil for crabgrass to grow.

One of the best ways to establish deep roots is to get water to soak in inches below ground level. If youʼre watering for just a few minutes every night, thatʼs probably not long enough for water to get deep into the ground. Instead, aim for one long watering session once a week.

Cut your grass high

It's important to keep in mind that crabgrass needs sunlight and warm soil to grow. So when you cut your grass short, youʼre eliminating some of the natural shade that your grass provides. Doing so also heats up the soil, making more welcoming conditions for crabgrass to grow.

Instead, mow your lawn with the mower on one of its highest settings. This will keep your grass blades long, so they can provide shade and keep the soil nice and cool. The helps prevent crabgrass from growing or spreading.

Use a pre-emergent weed killer

A pre-emergent herbicide can prevent crabgrass before it grows. To do this, apply the herbicide in mid- to late spring, just before the weather gets too hot. While it wonʼt completely kill all the crabgrass, it will certainly reduce the amount that you have in your yard.

If you implement all three of these tips, youʼll likely see a big reduction in your crabgrass this year.