The Best Products for Fall Yard Cleanup

It won't be long before the cool, crisp air settles in and tree leaves start to transform to shades of red and orange, marking the start of another fall season and another to-do list of yard projects - including leaf removal.

There's no question leaf removal helps to keep your yard looking fresh and well-kept, but it also provides its share of health benefits to your lawn since it prevents soil compaction, pests and dead grass. This is why it is important to establish a fall yard cleanup routine and make sure it is done regularly.

Even though there are different ways you can remove leaves from your yard, leaf blowers are one of the most common tools used because they are easy to maneuver and help reduce cleanup time. They are also used to clear other debris like dirt and small twigs from walkways, driveways and patios.

Factors like lawn size, volume of leaves and personal preference should all be taken into account when choosing a leaf blower. So to help you get started, consider some of these recommended best products for fall yard cleanup.


If you have a small- to medium-sized yard, a leaf blower like the TB2MB Jet Gas Leaf Blower is ideal. Its unique mixed-flow fan design moves leaves and small debris in a controlled, efficient manner. This helps you cover more ground and clean up more leaves in less time. And while some handheld leaf blowers can cause fatigue, Jet maintains optimal weight balance, so the blower is stable and easy to control.

Jet also features a clear housing that allows you to view the fan in action, and is designed to filter out engine heat, sound and vibration. By removing these common nuisances found in other blowers, you can enjoy a cooler, quieter and smoother engine.


If you're looking for a more traditional leaf blower, another option for these types of yards is the TB430. This powerful 2-cycle leaf blower produces up to 200 mph airflow velocity and 430 cfm, allowing you to remove leaves and debris from your yard quickly and productively. The TB430 also features a concentrator nozzle so you can easily reach and clean tight areas in your yard without any hassle.

FLEX™ Leaf Blower

When it comes to larger yards that call for more intensive cleanup projects, it's best to go with a backpack leaf blower or a wheeled leaf blower like the FLEX Leaf Blower. The FLEX Leaf Blower is a component of the FLEX system - a first-of-its-kind, customizable yard care system that consists of one engine that accepts multiple attachments - so you can tackle outdoor tasks year-round.

More specifically, this aggressive blower pushes out up to 1,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air flow, with an air speed of up to 150 mph (miles per hour). The FLEX Leaf Blower also lets you control the airflow from the handlebars, which enables you to start and stop the air intuitively so you can stay focused on cleanup.

Whatever type of blower you use, always make sure leaves are dry before removing them from your yard. Damp, wet leaves and weight make the cleanup process most difficult. To help you remove leaves as quickly as possible, it's recommended to blow leaves in one direction so you can collect them in one big pile.

Cleanup season will be here before you know it, so make sure you have the right tools and leaf removal tips to get the job done.