How to Add the Finishing Touches to Your Yard

The simplest of tasks are often the most important, especially when it comes to the beautification of your lawn and garden. By completing common, simple projects like edging and trimming, you can transform your yard and give it instant aesthetic appeal.

Here are some lawn and garden tools that can help you add the finishing touches to your yard for a fresh, well-kept look.

  • String trimmer: String trimmers like theTB675 EC gas string trimmer are great for cutting weeds, brush and longer grass you may not be able to touch with a mower. You can also use trimmers to do intricate work around shrubs, and to reach under decks and around trees, patios and larger shrubs. Keep in mind that all Troy-Bilt trimmers are attachment-capable, meaning the trimmers can convert into a wide range of other lawn and garden tools, like a cultivator, pole saw and blower.
  • Edger: Use an edger like the TB554 Gas Lawn Edger to deliver a clean, crisp edge along your driveway or garden bed. Some edgers can adjust edging depths, so you can achieve the best type of edge for the project at hand.
  • Blower: The CB720 TrimmerPlus® Blower attachment is a good option for clearing leaves and other debris from your yard, patio or driveway. Keeping unwanted debris off your lawn and garden beds will deliver a polished look to your entire yard.
  • Hedge trimmer: Overgrown shrubs and hedges can make your yard look cluttered and messy. Choose a hedge trimmer like the AH721 TrimmerPlus® Add-On Hedge Trimmer for proper maintenance of your hedges.
  • Broom: A freshly mowed lawn can leave your patio, deck or driveway covered with grass clippings. Easily remove grass clippings and other debris like dirt and sand by using the BR720 TrimmerPlus® Add-On Broom.


The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®, May/June 2014