Managing Your Garden Weeds

Summer is a favorite season, but the return of warm weather also means the return of garden weeds. The best way to keep up with weeds is to stop them before they start taking over your lawn and garden.

Here are some easy steps to take control of garden weeds before they spread:

Healthy Soil: Test your soil and add elements that are missing. By giving the plants you want to grow a healthy environment, you are taking the advantage away from garden weeds. You can find test kits at your local garden center.

Cultivating: Before you plant your garden, cultivate the area to aerate the soil and remove weeds. The loosened garden weeds will decompose and feed the soil. Just be sure to cultivate deep enough to cut the weeds off by the root so they don't grow back.

Mulch: Smothering garden weeds with mulch will cut off their air supply and sunlight, ultimately killing them. Put mulch around the plants you want to grow.

Hand Weeding: Pulling garden weeds by hand is an effective way to get rid of them if you pull the roots out, too. Removing weeds as soon as you notice them can help stop them from spreading. Troy-Bilt's TBPN Garden Knife helps you pull up tough, deep-rooted weeds and the TBCV Hand Cultivator works great in flower boxes and containers.

Cover Crops: Plant a strong, thick plant in areas where you want to stop weed growth. The plant can overtake the area and not allow space or resources for garden weeds to grow. Different kinds of grasses, such as rye, work well.

Plastic Coverings: Plastic is a good way to block sunlight, air and water from getting to weeds and preventing them from growing. Lay it in between rows to limit weed growth.