Snow Removal Tips

If you live in a region with heavy snowfall, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of all the snow and ice. Although it can be quite a chore, it's important to practice proper snow removal to keep you and your yard safe this winter.

Follow these snow removal tips to make snow and ice removal easier:

  • Clear your driveway often: It may be tempting to stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate during that big storm, but it's important to clear your driveway before the snow gets too high. Leaving snow too long will allow it to bond to your driveway, making it more difficult to remove. Plus, it's easier to clear two feet of snow than five feet!
  • Go easy on the chemicals: Melting agents or salt are commonly used to remove snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks. However, it can damage shrubs, lawns and plants by drawing water away from their roots. Consider calcium chloride as an alternative, as it is less harmful to plants.
  • Use the right snow removal equipment: Is your driveway gravel or concrete? How big is the area you need to clear? Think about purchasing a snow thrower that matches your needs. Troy-Bilt offers the StormTM 3090 XP snow thrower to handle your toughest jobs, or the SquallTM 2100 snow thrower for smaller jobs.
  • Watch out for your plants: Make sure you don't bury your plants in snow. If you can't remember where your smaller bushes and shrubs are located, put tall stakes around them so you don't suffocate them in snow piles.
  • Stay away from walls: Snow piles can be just as bad for structure walls. Pressure can make the surface bend or crack, causing damage and leaks. Make sure to pile snow in an open area.
  • Be gentle: Don't shake branches that are covered in ice and snow. Gently brush off the snow in order to keep limbs from breaking. Also, wait for ice to melt naturally instead of scraping it.
  • Don't overdo it: Clearing the driveway can be hard work, especially if you have a large area to clear. Take breaks and remember to stay hydrated.