Preparing Your Fall Vegetable Garden

When August comes to a close, and the weather starts to get cooler, many gardeners begin winding down for the year. However, fall weather is a great opportunity to plant another vegetable garden. In fact, veggies with a short maturity period like carrots, lettuce, broccoli and turnips do well in the mild fall weather. Follow these simple steps to extend your garden season and start preparing for your fall vegetable garden:

1.)    Decide where your fall vegetable garden will be. An area that held summer plants may be suitable. If you are preparing a new plot, be sure to till the area well. Troy-Bilt's Super Bronco' CRT tiller is perfect for breaking ground for a new plot. If you are using an already-established area, clear your garden of any overgrown plants or weeds. 

2.)    Revitalize the soil by adding compost. You may also want to check the pH levels. Remember, your soil has been working hard all summer and needs to be renewed.

3.)    Cultivate your soil to spread the nutrients around. Troy-Bilt's TB146 EC cultivator is great for small gardens, while the Colt' FT tiller can handle slightly larger areas.

4.)    Plant the right crops for your area this time of year. If you're not going to be getting much sunlight, many vegetables won't be suitable to grow. Also be mindful of where you are planting your crops. Broccoli, potatoes and beets do well with cool temperatures and sunlight.

5.)    Water appropriately. Just because the weather is cooler doesn't mean plants don't need water. On the other hand, soil often retains water longer in the cooler weather. Pay close attention to the weather and your soil, so you don't water too much or too little.

Be sure to check weather patterns in your area and choose plants to match your region. Now is also a great time to plan for growing plants indoors during winter. By planning ahead, the gardening season can last all year-round.