More Weird and Unique Gardening Tips

We shared some fun and unusual garden tips last year, but there's no end to the unique things you can do to make your garden grow. Here are some more tried-and-true gardening tips and ideas you can use this year:

  • Noelle from AZ Plant Lady says don't throw away coffee cups from your favorite coffee place. Save them to start seedlings indoors and then transplant in the garden later.

  • After boiling food like vegetables, eggs and noodles, set the cooking water aside and use it to water your plants once it cools down. Not only are you saving water, but that water has extra nutrients your plants can use.

  • You can use cola as insecticide by placing a small cup near pests' favorite plants. They'll be lured to the sugary beverage and killed by the acid.

  • Plant your flowers and other aesthetic plants in odd numbers. They'll look fuller and more pleasing to the eye.

  • Amy from Get Busy Gardening! says melt snow during the winter and use it to water your houseplants. Rain water is the best type of water to use for houseplants, and melted snow has the same benefits. Just be sure it's room temperature before watering, as freezing water can shock them.

  • Grow sweeter cucumbers by planting them near sunflowers.

  • Bury empty tubes or pipes in your garden and plant invasive species (like mint) in the tube. The roots will have to grow down instead of out and the plant will stay contained.

  • Grow melons vertically to keep them from sprawling all over your yard. Once the melons start growing, support them by tying old cloths or T-shirts around them.

  • Stop dirt from getting under your nails by running them down a bar of soap before you head out to the garden. The soap will be stuck under your nails, leaving no room for dirt ' but it washes right out with water.

  • Helen from Gardening With Confidence says French hydrangeas are blue because of the acid in the soil. If you have pink French hydrangeas, but want them blue, you can naturally lower the soil's pH by adding coffee grounds, eggshells, ground-up orange or grapefruit peels around the plant. Over time, you will reduce the soil's pH, turning your pink French hydrangeas blue.