Growing Herbs Indoors

For most parts of the country, winter means that caring for plants outside is not an option. How do you fulfill your need to garden? Indoor herb gardens provide an opportunity to continue gardening in less than ideal weather, and provide you with fresh herbs for cooking.

Here are some tips to start your own indoor herb garden:

  • Find an area of your house that receives about 8 hours of sunlight every day. This is the most likely a south-facing window. If you don't get much sunlight in the winter, consider purchasing a light to help your herbs grow.
  • If you're new to herbs, start slow. Chives, parsley and mint are easier to grow.
  • Give your herbs room to grow. Don't squish them together just because they're inside. Ensure they have proper space.
  • Spray your herbs with water every so often. The heat in your house can be too dry, and a light mist help keep them moist.
  • Make sure your pots have holes, so extra water can drain.
  • Keep an eye out for pests as some bugs can thrive in your warm house. If you see an insect infestation, spray your herbs with soapy water.
  • If you have kids or pets, make sure the herbs are either safe for their consumption of kept out of reach.

Once your region starts to warm up, you can gradually move your indoor herb garden outside to join your other garden plants. They can easily be moved back inside when the weather is cold again.