How Do I Prevent Pests from Destroying My Garden?

Does your garden serve as a fine dining restaurant for insects and small animals? If so, there are some changes you can make to help deter them. Garden pests are any sort of creature that disrupts the growth of your plants - from deer to birds to insects.

Here are some tips to prevent common garden pests from destroying your hard work:


A simple way to stop birds from eating your plants is to keep a full birdfeeder in your yard for them to eat instead. If that doesn't work, try hanging foil pans from trees. As they fly by, the birds will rustle the pans, creating a frightening noise.


Deer are best kept away by a tall fence and usually cease to be an issue later in the summer. If problems persist, try hanging net bags of pet hair. It's a unique method that some gardeners swear by.

Moles, squirrels and rabbits

The best defense against small garden pests is a fence. While it should be high enough to keep the creatures out, it should also extend about a foot underground to stop the animals from digging. You can also try sprinkling cayenne pepper around your garden. It won't harm your plants, and the smell can turn off various garden pests and cause them to look elsewhere for food.


The best way to prevent insects from destroying plants is to keep your soil healthy. Healthy soil will keep plants strong and able to ward off insect attacks and infections. If you continue to have insect problems, make a diluted mix of mild soap and water to spray around the plants. It will kill most insects and deter other garden pests, without harming the garden. Companion planting is also a natural way to deter insects.

Slugs and snails

Snails and slugs have a hard time sliding over rough surfaces like eggshells and copper wire. Place a barrier of these substances around your fragile plants.

Remember, there are also many insects and animals that are helpful to your lawn and garden. Look for specific garden pests that exist in your area and prepare for them specifically.