Decorating Your Lawn for the Holidays

The holiday season wouldn't be complete without a decorated yard. And although it requires time and some planning, dressing your lawn with lights and cheerful decorations isn't just a sight for passing cars or neighbors to take in; it's an activity you can enjoy with your entire family.

As a way to stay organized, use this holiday lawn decorating checklist and don't forget to check it twice.

  • Take inventory - Chances are, you've collected a wide array of holiday decorations over the years, which is why it is important to know what you have on hand before the process begins.
  • Select a theme - Capture the spirit of the holiday season by giving your yard a theme, like Santa's workshop, candy land or a winter wonderland.
  • Gauge power needs - If your holiday lawn decorations require electrical outlets, determine how many you'll need and if it'll be necessary to use extensions or additional outdoor power strips.
  • Assign tasks - Once you've decided on a theme and which decorations you'll be using, assign projects to each participating individual.
  • Test lights - Determine if you'll be using multicolored, colored or white lights. Then, before stringing or hanging the lights across your yard, plug them into an outlet to make sure they all light up.
  • Secure decorations - Use stakes or other means to secure or hold decorations in place, in case of harsh winds or heavy snowfall.