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Flurry™ 1400 Electric Snow Thrower Flurry™ 1400 Electric Snow Thrower

The Flurry™ 1400 is a compact, electric start snow thrower ideal for clearing smaller driveways during lighter snowfalls.  Designed with features that make it easy to operate, including a dependable push-button electric start, this single-stage electric snow thrower offers a lasting run time and legendary Troy-Bilt® durability.
Price: $179.99

Squall™ 210 Snow Thrower Squall™ 210 Snow Thrower

The Squall 210 snow thrower features a mitten grip start for its 123cc OHV Troy-Bilt® engine.  The gull wing handle makes this light weight single-stage snow thrower maneuverable and easy to operate.
Price: $359.99

Squall™ 2100 Snow Thrower Squall™ 2100 Snow Thrower

We've packed a surprising amount of snow-clearing capacity into the compact, easy-to-handle Squall 2100 snow thrower. Our Squall single-stage snow thrower features a reliable 4-cycle engine (no more mixing oil and gas!) and push-button electric start for easy, no-hassle operation.
Price: $499.99

Storm™ 2410 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2410 Snow Thrower

When the forecast calls for a foot or more, count on this two-stage snow thrower to pull through. Quick starting and easy to operate, the two-stage Storm 2410 snow thrower will cut into drifts with its 21" intake height and steadily clear the way, 24" at a time until the job is done.

Storm™ 2620 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2620 Snow Thrower

The Storm 2620 two-stage snow thrower is designed to deliver added power and greater clearing width. Just One Hand® operation lets you guide the two-stage snow thrower with one hand, freeing the other hand to adjust the chute direction without stopping. And with a wide 26" clearing width, your drive will be clear in no time.
Price: $759.99

Storm™ 2840 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2840 Snow Thrower

The Storm 2840 two-stage snow thrower offers you added power and a 28" clearing width to tackle the biggest jobs -- even heavy, wet snow. Aggressive tires offer greater traction in all conditions, while the two-stage snow thrower's in-dash headlight and reflective stripes allow you to clear snow more safely in low-visibility conditions.
Price: $899.99

Storm Tracker 2690 XP™ Snow Thrower Storm Tracker 2690 XP™ Snow Thrower

The Storm Tracker 2690 XP two-stage snow thrower features Just One Touch™ electric 4-way chute control, a 26" clearing width, Touch 'n Turn® power steering and heated hand grips, plus the new D-Track drive system.  The diamond shaped drive system keeps over 15" of track on the ground at all times for superior traction in all weather conditions. Three different SelecTrac Drive modes shift the unit's weight for optimum performance on hard-packed or icy snow or on gravel driveways.
Price: $1,099.99

Storm 3090 XP™ Snow Thrower Storm 3090 XP™ Snow Thrower

The Storm 3090 XP 2-stage snow thrower features a wide 30" clearing width, Touch 'n Turn® power steering and heated hand grips, plus an in-dash headlight and reflective strips for greater visibility in low light. It's easy to start, easy to operate and so solidly constructed, it's easy to see why this snow thrower will tackle winter's toughest tasks and still be around for years to come.
Price: $1,099.99