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Nature is cooling its pace along with the temperatures.  Lush greens are giving way to the golden yellows, burning reds and rich browns of fall.  Now we play the continuous game of leaf cleanup, but get the reward of crisp leaves crunching underfoot and crackling bonfires.  Welcome back, fall.

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Featured for 2015

FLEX™ Leaf Blower

Turn your FLEX' Power Base into a powerful leaf blower that generates up to 1,000 cubic feet per minute of air volume. A first of its kind, the aggressive FLEX Leaf Blower attachment gives you the ability to control airflow from the handlebars for more control over leaves. Learn more about this revolutionary attachment and system.

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Fall Lawn Care Projects You Shouldn't Skip

When it comes to your lawn, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is neglecting to maintain it in the fall. This time is needed to repair any damage caused by summer conditions and replace needed nutrients back into the soil. This will also help your lawn return to its original state so it can have the strength it needs to take on winter and still be healthy come spring.

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The Best Products for Fall Yard Cleanup

It won't be long before the cool, crisp air settles in and tree leaves start to transform to shades of red and orange, marking the start of another fall season and another to-do list of yard projects - including leaf removal.

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3 Simple Steps to Planting and Storing Bulbs

Planting and storing flower bulbs are some of the easiest ways you can prepare your garden for the next blooming season. Doing so allows you to determine which specific plants and colors you want - or don't want - to include in your landscape for the following year, plus helps bulbs become acclimated to their surrounding environment.

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