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TBWB Weeding Blade TBWB Weeding Blade

Free shipping for a limited time! The TBWB Weeding Blade is great for tough-to-reach moss and weeds in the cracks of cement driveways, walkways and patio bricks. No need for strong chemicals when weeds are banished with a flick of the wrist.
Price: $7.49

TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife

Free shipping for a limited time! Ideal for all types of soils, the TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife helps you pull up tough, deep-rooted weeds, as well as plant seedlings. The sharp, V-tipped blade drives into the soil with ease and comfort. A must-have weeding tool for your garden and flower beds.
Price: $7.49