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TBFT Flower Trowel TBFT Flower Trowel

Free shipping for a limited time! The ideal digging tool for less-than-ideal ground. The TBFT Flower Trowel helps you plant and transplant quickly without bending or breaking.
Price: $7.49

TBPT Planting Trowel TBPT Planting Trowel

Free shipping for a limited time! Precision, passion and perfection. The TBPT Planting Trowel's lightweight, durable design is perfect for precision digging and planting bulbs.
Price: $7.49

TBCV Hand Cultivator TBCV Hand Cultivator

Free shipping for a limited time! A must-have for any gardener, the TBCV Hand Cultivator works great in flower boxes and container gardens, while capable of tackling projects in the garden and beds. Loosens and aerates soil easily with durable construction.
Price: $7.49

TBWB Weeding Blade TBWB Weeding Blade

Free shipping for a limited time! The TBWB Weeding Blade is great for tough-to-reach moss and weeds in the cracks of cement driveways, walkways and patio bricks. No need for strong chemicals when weeds are banished with a flick of the wrist.
Price: $7.49

TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife

Free shipping for a limited time! Ideal for all types of soils, the TBPN Weeding/Planting Knife helps you pull up tough, deep-rooted weeds, as well as plant seedlings. The sharp, V-tipped blade drives into the soil with ease and comfort. A must-have weeding tool for your garden and flower beds.
Price: $7.49

TBBP Comfort Bypass Pruner TBBP Comfort Bypass Pruner

Free shipping for a limited time! Pruning hard branches and new growth is easy with the TBBP Comfort Bypass Pruner, designed with 30 degree angled, ergonomic handle to reduce wrist fatigue. Spend more time doing what you love.
Price: $19.99

TBPP Professional Bypass Pruner TBPP Professional Bypass Pruner

Free shipping for a limited time! The TBPP Professional Bypass Pruner is for serious gardeners with green thumbs, fingers and toes. The uniquely designed integral spring is protected from the elements and won't pop loose while pruning your favorite plants and shrubs. Adjustable tension to fit your comfort level and project size.
Price: $39.99

TBAP Professional Anvil Pruner TBAP Professional Anvil Pruner

Free shipping for a limited time! The perfect partner for that extra tough pruning task. The TBAP Professional Anvil Pruner is perfect for hard branches and tough materials. Made with hardened, coated steel, you won't have to worry about rust or breakage.
Price: $39.99